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Summer Internship Description

Examples of Duties


  1. Assist self-represented litigants in understanding their legal proceedings by providing information and resources.

  2. Assist litigants over the phone and provide accurate information

  3. Assist self-represented litigants complete court documents.

  4. Support staff who will conduct workshops and appointments for litigants.

  5. Draft Findings and Orders After Hearing

  6. Process correspondence sent from incarcerated litigants.

  7. Develop brochures and other publications.

  8. Other duties as assigned.

Requirements for Eligibility

  • Commitment and attendance at all mandatory trainings

  • LiveScan fingerprinting and security clearance

  • Be at least 18 years old

  • Available to volunteer 40 hours a week*

  • Available to volunteer late May through mid-August (alternatively, Mid-June through late-August to accommodate students on the quarter system)

  • Willingness to dress in professional attire and keep a professional appearance at all times during the internship

* Some sites may be willing to accommodate requests for less than full time schedules. If you are interested in a modified schedule, please contact Lexi Hernandez at to discuss your availability.

Placement Locations*

  1. Hayward, CA

  2. San Francisco, CA

  3. Redwood City, CA

  4. Richmond, CA

  5. San Jose, CA

*Not all locations are able to host A2J interns every summer. To see what placements are available this summer, please check

this year's application or review the A2J Site Comparison Spreadsheet.

Minimum Qualifications


You must be currently enrolled in an accredited two or four-year university, or an accredited school of law. Recent graduates are also eligible.



Previous experience working in a legal environment and/or a customer service-based role is desirable but not required.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities


Ideal candidates should be able to:

  • Communicate effectively both orally and in writing

  • Work in fast paced, high volume environment

  • Work with individuals who are under emotional stress

  • Work with individuals who are low income


Second language proficiency desirable, though not required (Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese, etc.)


Frequently Asked Questions

1.)  What will I be doing?

As a summer intern - a full time student who commits to serving a minimum of 24 hours a week- you will be helping litigants to navigate the justice system. Under the supervision of an attorney or legal professional, you may be asked to assist people with completing their legal forms, provide substantive and procedural legal information, provide language assistance to LEP litigants, assist in facilitating workshops, and referring people to local legal aid organizations. The types of civil legal matters can vary depending on the site but may include the following: divorce, child custody and visitation, child support, restraining orders, small claims, unlawful detainers (evictions), and guardianship,  

2.) Is this internship paid?

This internship is unpaid, but you will gain practical law and social services related experience. We are also happy to write letters of recommendation for Law School or Graduate School for you.​


3.) Do I need to have legal experience?

You don't need to have any legal experience! While it is appreciated, you do not need to have prior law experience for the summer internship. We provide you with a week of intensive legal training as well as the daily supervision and mentorship of attorneys and legal professionals to help you prepare for your service.


4.) Can I earn class credits for participation in Access 2 Justice?

​Some of our partnering universities may allow students to receive credits toward graduation for their participation in Access to Justice. We are happy to sign any documents you may need to ensure that you receive credit for your service.

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